Conservative Platform Priorities

Advancing limited government, free enterprise, personal responsibility, and individual liberty in Texas

Virtual Education

Ensure Texas students have access to digital courses through the Virtual Schools Network

M&O Property Tax Elimination

Abolish school maintenance and operations property taxes

Efficiency Audits

Third party audit of local government budget

S.A.F.E. Elections Agenda

Protect election integrity

Foster Care Reform

Support community based care

Worker Freedom

Employer and Employee freedom

Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying

Ban local governments from hiring outside lobbyists

Civic Education

Incorporate civics knowledge across the K-16 curriculum

Reforming Vote-by-Mail

Preventing voter fraud through mail-in-ballots

Balancing Personal Liberty & Emergency Powers

Constitutional rights and government power

Health Care Regulations

Repeal ineffective and unnecessary health care regulations

Stay Informed

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