Conservative Platform Priorities

Advancing limited government, free enterprise, personal responsibility, and individual liberty in Texas

Education Opportunity

Ensure that education funds follow the student

Property Tax Elimination

Abolish school maintenance and operations property taxes

Government Collection of Union Dues

Stop taxpayer-funded collection of union dues

State Tax and Spending Limit

Strengthen Texas’ state spending limit

Criminal Justice Reform

Eliminate civil asset forfeiture and pass other reforms

Title Insurance

Allow competition in title insurance

Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying

Ban local governments from hiring outside lobbyists

Civic Education

Incorporate civics knowledge across the K-16 curriculum

Grace Commission

Require private sector-led review of government systems

Forced Annexation

Prohibit forced annexation anywhere in Texas

Preemption of Municipal Regulation

Respect Texans’ private property rights and economic freedom

Right to Shop: Empowering Health Care Consumers

Expand health care competition through pricing transparency

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